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This year Engage Nova Scotia and EduNova will bring together international students and Nova Scotian families for the 5th annual Share Thanksgiving.

Are you an international student looking to share a special dinner with a Nova Scotia family, make friends, and learn about local customs?  

Or are you a Nova Scotian who would like to welcome an international student by inviting them over for Thanksgiving dinner? Are you interested in helping an international student feel more at home and connected in your community?

Join the growing network of over 5000 people who have connected to build community, one meal at a time.


Sign up to be a guest

If you are an international student looking to meet new people and experience Thanksgiving with a Nova Scotia family please sign up to be a guest. It is free to participate, and you are encouraged to sign up with a friend!


Sign up to be a host

If you are a family in Nova Scotia that is eager to welcome an international student for Thanksgiving dinner please sign up to be a host.


Get matched

We match you according to your date preference, open seats at the table, location and transportation.

To make the best possible matches, we work up to the last minute. This may mean you hear from us on the Friday afternoon before Thanksgiving dinner. If you have completed a form, you will hear from us!



We introduce you to each other via email. Then it’s over to the host to contact the guest and arrange the details.


Share Thanksgiving dinner

You will get together to share Thanksgiving dinner, swap stories and have a great time together.

Disclaimer: We fully expect everyone to have a wonderful time at this event. By registering as a guest/host for Share Thanksgiving, however, you agree to assume the risks associated with this occasion including, but not limited to, potential developments related to the quality of the meal, conduct of the participants and transportation to and from the event.

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