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Nova Scotia has a history of welcoming newcomers that started over 400 years ago with the Mi’kmaq, who supported early European settlers with food, shelter and survival skills for long, cold winters. That tradition has continued as wave after wave of immigrants has populated Nova Scotia and chosen to make it their home.

For new immigrant families, coming to a new place can be the most challenging time in their lives. Once here, many newcomers want to feel included in their new community. Being invited to dinner with a Nova Scotia family is a gesture that can make a newcomer family feel welcome and optimistic about the new society they’ve become a part of. Having a new immigrant family over for dinner may seem like a small gesture but it can have a large impact on the experience of a newcomer in Nova Scotia. This kind of kindness can make a difference to Nova Scotia’s out-migration of talented newcomers to other parts of Canada.

Thanksgiving takes place on the second Monday of October. This year it will be October 10th. Canadian families typically get together for a meal including roasted turkey, and meals take place either in the afternoon or evening of Sunday the 9th, or Monday the 10th. 

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