"We are grateful for having our Chinese students in our home and be part of our family. Thanksgiving is something they don't have in their country. They are so happy celebrate Thanksgiving with us, this is the first time they have turkey and they love it." - Susan Smith

"We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Very nice to share our traditions with others!" - Brenda Braunmiller MacKay

"Grateful to have shared a lovely meal with family and friends, new and old. We hosted Justine and Simon from Australia, and Sofia and Amnon from Israel. Thankful for this opportunity! "  - Isabel Chender

"My family was thankful for the opportunity to host Stefania and Shenée, students from the British Virgin Islands at our turkey-filled gathering in Boutiliers Point. We laughed a LOT, covered topics ranging from Nova Scotia's economy to donairs to third year microbiology (not mutually exclusive) . Thank you Engage Nova Scotia for bringing us together and creating new friendships to be thankful for."  - Mike Kennedy

"We enjoyed harvesting the last of our peppers, tomatoes & cucumbers today. We also enjoyed decorating with fall flowers from the garden. Our Thanksgiving feast was at least 80% local and 100% delicious! We are lucky to have shared our meal with family and new friends thanks to the efforts of Engage Nova Scotia and Share Thanksgiving Dinner!" - Jennifer Berry

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